Defender of Tower: Attack of War Machines [FINAL]

Defender of Tower: Attack of War Machines [FINAL]
Defender of Tower: Attack of War Machines [FINAL]|GENRE: TOWER DEFENSE (PLANTS VS ZOMBIES)|31 MB
If you are a besotted fan of shooting and machine games, Defender of tower: Attack of war machines is just what you are looking for. Download the game totally for free and enjoy its impressive visuals and fantastic gameplay.
Take the role of a savior! Find yourself in the very center of a city that is subject to the onslaught of cruel invaders. Protect the citizens and try to keep as much houses and constructions as possible undamaged. Use your gun and various bombs to exterminte the invaders.
Download the Defender of tower: Attack of war machines game absolutely for free to have the chance to save the whole city from cruel invaders! Enjoy its splendid visuals and excellent gameplay. Be careful and try not to be hurt. Play Defender of tower: Attack of war machines right now and rescue the city!


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Comments (4)



22 May 2017 22:29 EDITOR 
ok I had this game more than a week, I waited to prove a point that every new game comes from DT, the other teams come here to see what games came out and THEN look for them, rather than them looking for their own games and then posting on their own, seems they can only post a game on their site after they see razz has it posted, weird right?

I know most of you get your games from Razz exclusively, but again it just goes to show that LOSERGames (LGAMES) will post this game now that I have posted itm right away because lively is not capable of finding his own games or even cracking them.
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22 May 2017 23:38 Member
thank you friends,i like tower defense games


23 May 2017 11:36 VIP Member
Thanks very much Razz and Velocity 3d_035

And yes, I only download games from you. In the past (years and years ago) I have downloaded from others (but never from Lively), but somehow at some point got disappointed with them. Never with games from you, though.

In Holland we have the term "Hofleverancier" which is something like the "Royal warrant of appointment" in the UK. I guess I should grant you the "Grapjasleverancier warrant of appointment" 3d_002


23 May 2017 22:57 VIP Member
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!RAZZ!!!!!!!!!VELOCITY!!!!!!!!!!


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