Sep 08 2015

My Farm Multi 5 [UPDATED FINAL]

My Farm Multi 5 [UPDATED FINAL] | 68 mb

A new Farm sim from Anuman games!

A new life awaits you on the farm! Pack up and leave your urban worries and pressures behind as you take on the new challenge of farmer in My Farm, a cute cartoony simulation on the grange.

You may be amazed at what it takes to develop a thriving farm. Are you up to the task? Now's your chance to find out. You're more than ready to leave behind your angry boss, fighting neighbors, the crowds, noise, and pollution of the city. Enjoy the open space of your farmland, and see what you can do with just one hen and 100 coins. In no time, increase your livestock and bring your wares market.

• Take good care of your animals with food, medical attention, and cleaning.
• Customize 10 different types of animals.
• Unlock bonuses as your play progresses.
• Buy and sell at the local market.
• Playable in 5 languages!


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Comments (3)



8 September 2015 11:49 VIP Member
Thanks very much for the update Razz and Velocity 3d_012


8 September 2015 17:21 VIP Member
Thank you very much!RAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19 October 2015 15:25 VIP Member
Thank you


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